Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rich in Name, Part 2

Just as we were to leave, the village leader asked me aside. “We have been thinking and talking,” he said. “We have been thinking of your name and its meaning. We think that in Africa it is different than in America. You must have a name that reflects you in Africa, in Okubani. We think that you should be called Ajikoru. It means, “one who loves a lot.” This way, with both your names you are complete. You are both loved, and it is clear that you love others very much. If you did not, you would not be in Okubani. This is clear. It is a circle.”

I am honored by my Arringa name. Sam practically had to drag me back to the car.


ron said...

Fitting. And it starts with an A!
Love you, Dad

Ali said...

Wow, Aimee-Ajikoru. That is the most beautiful thing I've heard. It moved me to tears.

eileen said...

i'm with ali. it moved me to tears. mostly because it's so true. lots of love to you.

mizutamago said...

Dear Aimee-Ajikoru,

I was led to your blog by the wonderful comment you left on A Bird in the Hand. Thank you for sharing your incredible experiences with us. I've been deeply touched by your posts, and will continue to visit. It's funny, you mentioned that you never leave comments for Lisa's blog, and I very seldomly read comments on blogs...The universe is a mysterious place indeed.

arline said...

I don't know you, but that was such a moving post, and you are doing wonderful work.

Thank you for sharing


Meredith said...

Aimee Ajikoru, this is beautiful.

Irene said...

i actually have tears in my eyes...it is a fitting name...you are now complete...how's the breathing?