Thursday, January 04, 2007

Coming and Going

M gets back from California tonight, and I leave tomorrow. 26 hours together. (Sigh). It's not enough, but I'll take every second that we have.

We're driving up to New York tomorrow morning, because I fly out of JFK. I'm flying through Dubai and spending the night in a hotel airport. Unfortunately, it will be dark so I won't get to see any of the city. I hear that Dubai is opulent. Doesn't Michael Jackson have a house there? After the night in Dubai I fly into Kampala via Addis Ababa and meet the other people in my program. We'll spend the night in Kampala and then drive the 7 hours north to Arua.

DC - NY 206 miles
NY-Dubai 6,843 miles
Dubai-Addis Ababa 1,563 miles
Addis-Kampala 1,183 miles
Kampala-Arua 523 miles

Total miles here to there: 10,318


Lisa said...

Dearest Aimee,

Be safe and happy, daughter. This is your dream come true. I am so proud of you!


tyson said...

Ash and I met at the Living Room this afternoon. She said she felt bad for crying on the phone when saying goodbye. I said, "Aww, that's sweet, because I was sorta emotionless about it." She replied, "No, I was crying about Diego." And when my facial expression betrayed that I was about to make fun of her, she amended: "Well, it was a mixture of both." Silly sister!

I'm very happy for you, even though my eyes are a little more green than usual.

Safe travels, Aims.

Jeff said...

By now you're most likely in country at your final destination. I hope the journey was safe and no more difficult than could be expected ... though I suppose the real journey is just beginning. I'm proud of and very happy for you, Aimee ... I know you're making a difference and it's a wonderful, wonderful thing. Can't wait to read the next installment of your adventure.


eileen said...

so by now, the adventures must be underway! my family asked about you just this past weekend and my response was, "she's in uganda!" so, the whole shelden clan is sending lots of love and hug-e hugs! i'm thinking about you lots and lots and can't wait to hear more!
leen :)

Jennifer said...

I am happy you are following your dreams wherever they may take you. Enjoy your time there and come back with lots of stories to share. Love, Jen