Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Quick Note

Dear Friends,

Today I've had a little time to post some ramblings. Little snippets of my time here. I'm still processing quite a lot, but I wanted to start least something!! I just realized, though, that if you read my posts from top to bottom they won't make much sense. I refer to previous thoughts as I progress, so you might want to take a look from bottom to top! It still might not make much sense -- like I said, just rambling -- but little by little I'll get there. Thank you for caring and following me around Uganda. The past few days have felt a little lonely as I'm adjusting from being with my big group "family" to traveling alone. Just a little change! I think of you all often and am thankful every day for your love and support. More to come from Uganda. My love to you always, Aimee

PS Just in case anyone gets the urge to call across the world , my cell phone number here is (from the US): 011-256-77-465-4360 :)

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