Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Good Question

So, what is psycho-social work, anyway? Well, after almost 3 weeks here I now have a pretty good idea. Putting it into words is another matter entirely. Here is my own best shot (TPO friends, any input???):

Critical, creative, compassionate problem-solving aimed at mobilizing, utilizing, and engaging existing resources at family, community, societal (and sometimes individual) levels. Psychosocial work involves identifying and rebuilding protective factors at all levels. Interventions attempt to address and mitigate compounded social issues that create or contribute to mental health problems. In addition, psychosocial work responds to serious mental health problems appropriately, according to culture, context and need.

Examples coming!

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marshall6301 said...

I am enjoying your adventure! It sounds like such an amazing experience and your journal entries are filled with such detail. Thank you for allowing me to experience a little of what your days are. Stay safe!