Tuesday, January 09, 2007

In Uganda

Hi Friends!!

Greetings to you from Arua, Uganda! After 9 very bumpy, beautiful hours we are arrived from Kampala, dusty but happy. I only have a minute, so this is just to say that I am here safe and sound. My group is truly phenomenal, Uganda beautiful and gracious, and I feel incredibly privileged to be here. More tomorrow, but for now off to dinner.

Love to you,


summerbabies said...
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marshall6301 said...

I am glad that we had a chance to catch up a bit before you left! Be safe and I look forward to hearing more about your journey. I will live vicariously through you!

Much love,


Ali said...

I'm so glad you arrived safely. Can't wait to hear more about the beauty of what you're doing!

Susanne said...

I can picture how beautiful Uganda is, sitting in a bumpy car on a dirt road, just FEELING the world. I will be looking forward to reading about your experiences.

Talking about Africa – the most popular Christmas present in Denmark this year was a goat. People did not actually wrap the goat up in Christmas paper and put it under the tree. As a Christmas present they received a picture of the goat and some charity organisation sent the goat directly to a family in Africa. More that 50.000 people received a goat for Christmas (which is about 1% of the Danish population). I that not beautiful!!!!



Meredith said...

So glad you are there safe and sound... Can't wait to hear what's next!