Sunday, November 18, 2007

Old School :: She

Ohmygosh! I have been looking for this song for maybe 3 years, and tonight I found it! I can hardly believe it. Willamette girls, do you remember this gem?

Dancing around the tiny, crowded Bistro (or the halls of our house) to Deb Talan and Hummingfish is one of my favorite college memories. I suppose we might have all wanted to be "She". As soon as I found it I had to play it for M. He doesn't suit the pronoun, but the rest fits perfectly. Thank you to Replikate who led me to both lyrics and music through google magic.


The Delinquent Debutante said...

That is so funny. 'She' is my favorite song from Willamette days - I had Liz burn it onto a CD for me about a month ago and I have almost worn it out listening to it repeatedly in my car. Hummingfish and Calobo always remind me of WU.

Anonymous said...

Aimee! I constantly search Itunes for this song, so glad to hear I am not alone. Thanks for the link. Glad to be reconnected. As always, travel safe.... Ellyn