Sunday, November 18, 2007

Art and Soul

If you have been to any of the places I have lived since 1998, you probably recognize these two ladies! They are postcards, actually. They belong to a larger set, and when I lived in Jerusalem I collected them all from street vendors. In truth, I was drawn into each one: the colors, shapes and tone, the simplicity. They resonated with that space and time of my life so deeply, and are still among my most favorite and cherished possessions. They are pretty beat up with sticky-tape remnants on the back and folded corners, but everywhere I have lived they have traveled with me, always hanging somewhere near my nightstand.

I have been contemplating putting them in something other than the cheap clip frames that have held them for 10 years, and so last night I pulled them out and found the name of the artists on the back: Irene and Azriel Awret.

Here is what a little google time can do: Irene and Azriel are both Holocaust survivors. They moved to Israel in 1949 and helped to found the Tzfat Artist's Colony, which is still thriving today and which I have visited many times. In the 70s they moved to the US, and settled in Falls Church, Virginia...15 minutes from where I live today! Can you believe that? How could I have not known this earlier? The Awrets have a truly amazing story, so if you would like to read more, the Washington Post article is right here.

I thought about possibly buying a larger print of their work (which was originally ceramic relief -- I'd love to see that), but the more I consider it the more I think I will just keep my dear postcards as-is.

What small pieces of art do you cherish? When and how did they come into your life?


k8 said...

off topic but i'm delighted that i could be helpful in the search for "She". It really is one of the most romantic songs ever. Congrats on your engagement!

julie said...

Beautiful story Aimee!! They are so you i think.

The postcard at the top of this post is my tresured postcard from an exhibtion in london in the 80's. I fell in love with her work since finding this image and i am dying to find a poster of it but no luck!! I did have the postcard framed recently.
And so much of my Shelly's beautiful artwork is to treasure too!! xxx