Sunday, November 04, 2007

Of course, YES

Last weekend I was home to celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday, with my family from far and wide. On Saturday afternoon, my dad, sister and I went to Balboa Park to wander around. It is my favorite place in San Diego, and both Ashley and I wanted to soak it in before we headed back east. We were taking pictures in front of the pond and the arboretum when my sister's phone rang. She walked off to talk to her boyfriend. I turned around and my dad was also MIA. Curious, but typical, so (also typically) I settled in with my camera, taking pictures of the kids and the coy fish and the beautiful day.

After a moment, I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was M! He was not supposed to be in San Diego. He was supposed to be at home, in DC. In fact, I had spoken to him 30 minutes prior and he had lamented the icky weather, the cancellation of his frisbee game, and the fact that he would be home on the couch playing guitar for most of the afternoon. I felt bad for him, and didn't mention how gorgeous it was at the park. Five minutes later I received a text message from M of Matisse, my cat, stretched out on the couch, apparently also settled in for the rainy weather. This is why, when I saw M's face there, at Balboa Park, I was in such a state of disbelief that I could hardly speak. Luckily, I didn't have to. He simply asked me to marry him, and I, of course, said YES.

We walked across the park to the Japanese Tea Garden, where M said my sister and dad would be waiting. As we approached I saw them both -- plus my mom, uncle, grandfather, and M's parents and sister...from Connecticut and Oakland! They had surprised him at the airport earlier in the day! We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating both our new engagement and my grandfather's birthday with our families. It was perfect.

After 4 1/2 years together, I didn't think that M could surprise me like that. Boy, I was wrong. I'm with one romantic guy!


PS If you would like to see his version of the story, click here.

(photo taken from afar by my sly and sneaky dad)


Ali said...

Aimee, darling! ~ congratulations! I hope sometime to meet your M.

All my love and all the best...

julie said...

CONGRATULATIONS - i read M's version of the story too and i was in tears!!! A beautiful story and a great guy!!!
So happy for you - big hugs xxx