Thursday, March 29, 2007


I landed in the concrete jungle known as JFK on Tuesday. It felt strange to be back, but wonderful to see m again. Some nasty African stomach bug hitchhiked back home with me, so I've been sleeping on the couch, resting, and drinking clear fluids, just like Mom always told me to do.

I want to thank you all for following me on this grand adventure of my past three months. Thank you for supporting me and sharing my experience. You might never know how much it has meant.

Just because I am home doesn't mean that I am going away! On the contrary, I have found that it was nearly impossible to process and share most of my time in Uganda on this blog in real time. Too time consuming, too overwhelming. That is why, as I readjust to life here, I will continue to share photos and stories from my time in Uganda, as well as current events that deserve our attention. So please stay connected, and let me know what you think, or what you'd like to hear more about. Love to you all....


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Ali said...

So glad you are home safe and sound!