Thursday, March 22, 2007

So Little Time

Dear Friends,

It's hard to believe that I will be leaving Gulu in just two days, and home within the week. I am overflowing with stories, news, and photos to share, both beautiful and horrifying. I will return with these packed carefully and tightly as I consider what may be my next steps for (and within?) this area I have come to love deeply.

A quick update, with more to follow...
  • Guess who is home, playing with the neighborhood kids, and enrolled in pre-school? Yup, Joyce! If there was ever reason to hope, I have found it in the form of a 3 year old girl picking out her first school bag (purple blue with flowers).
  • Northern Uganda is in the midst of a severe food crisis. The UN has cut rations in the camps, (which were originally only enough to meet minimum needs for survival -- not health) in HALF. I have been spending a lot of my time in the camps and will share my impressions and understanding of this once I get home. Suffice to say, this is catastrophic, and worse, the people living there have only learned of these cuts in the past two days. Please, read more here.

Much love to all,



dgelles said...

Thank you for the bloggıng. Inspıratıon can travel around the globe.

Vondra said...

Keep up the good work.