Tuesday, October 09, 2007


A while ago, Ali wrote about the little silly things out in cyberworld that make her smile on a dreary day. It's a good thing to know: what can get you out of that funk.

Here is something that is always, one-hundred percent guaranteed to make me grin.

Click here and then press play. YES! The Relay Project was begun by an old, childhood, summer-camp friend of mine, Lucy Raven, and her friend, Rebecca. It is an "audio magazine," an innovative, artistic exploration of sound in our lives. I think it is brilliant and very special special. The Relay Project Theme is my all time favorite.

From their website: The Relay Project is a magazine you listen to. A publication of sounds released on CD, it occupies the gap in your library between the records and the journals, swapping the sounds from one for the pages of the other. Each track is created by a different contributor, though each CD is curated as a whole. Content is limited to things that make noise, but is otherwise boundless: interviews, stories, found and archival sound, virtual vacations, documentary, music, field recordings, affirmations, dissentions, voice, breath. As an audiomagazine, we’re interested in...." Read more here.

If that makes you smile, even just a little, then check out this and this and this. (Not the Relay Project, but related.)

And if you want to keep going on your own, well, here you go. Happy listening!

P.S. In high school I covered my ceiling with collage. Greeting cards, magazine tear-outs, fun things, beautiful things that inspired me. Making those collages used to entertain my friends and me for hours! But the centerpiece was a big, huge multi-colored "YES" sign that was pinned up just above my pillow. So silly, but I loved it. Maybe that is why I get such a kick out of the "Relay Project Theme". I looked for a photo of that ceiling, that sign, for this post, but it wasn't to be found. Oh well.

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