Monday, September 24, 2007


Standing on the metro this weekend, headed to Eastern Market (which is the same direction as the stadium), I was beside two very, very enthusiastic sports fans. These two freckle-faced boys must have been about 10-11 years old, and just couldn't sit still, the excitement was too great! When one of their mothers insisted that they calm down (or there wouldn't be any game to attend), the boys slumped down in their metro chairs, temporarily defeated.

Looking around, the boys observed the train full of rush hour commuters. I held my book, and balanced beside the door. Several young women in suits chatted about a briefing on the Hill. Many city dwellers listened to their music, leaving the day's work behind them, including a very handsome, silver-haired, blue-suited gentleman sitting directly next to the boys.

"You know what I wonder?" one said to his friend. "You know what I REALLY wonder?"
"What?" replied his friend, with shrug.
"Well, I wonder what old people listen to on their ipods anyway. What do they listen to? I mean, it's weird. It's like.....they like music or something."

I almost laughed aloud. It was just too funny. Instead, I exited at Eastern Market with the handsome silver-haired gent and his leather cased ipod, and wondered: what was he listening to, anyway?

Probably a book on tape.


julie said...

:))) very nice story - made me smile!!

Lisa said...

Ah, you found me out! That's what I listen to (often) on MY idod: books and lectures! I guess I am officially "old" in idod terms!

Chris Abraham said...

I checked my iPod and the answer is: bluegrass country music!