Saturday, April 28, 2007

Springing Forward

Hi Friends,

I returned from Uganda over a month ago now, and when I arrived back in DC spring was (technically) already here. But I was cold in my bones. It's been hard for me to warm up, difficult to return to my life here. It's been slow.

Cherry blossom season is my favorite time of year here, and I was lucky to get to share it with my sibs, who came to visit for a week. It was fabulous to get to spin with my sister as the petals spilled and floated from the trees, and so good to hear about my brother's awesome work back at home.

This month M and I escaped several times into the Shennedoah Mountains, a favorite retreat. We visited friends, and poked around the trails and the towns, relaxing. We found a few vintage treasures (one involves food and the color red, and the other jewelry, so that's pretty much perfection) and a dear library, among other things.

So after this hiatus and recharging period -- a mini winter hibernation -- I feel like I'm getting back into my skin. And....

I'm off to Bosnia in just under an hour. This time the trip will be short: 2 weeks working on a consulting project. I'm excited, but a little sad to leave M and Matisse so soon! I have really missed blogging, and will try and post from the road. If you feel so inclined, please leave comments. I enjoy them so much!

love and cherry blossoms to you all,


julie said...

Spring is my favourite time too...good luck in Bosnia and looking forward to new posts and stories :)

Irene said...

you were missed this safe and have fun in bosnia...