Monday, June 29, 2009

A Pretty Pair: Carla and Joyce

These were taken on my last day in Gulu. Carla and Joyce are a happy duo. Aren't they wonderful together?

I am in Kigali now, after a very fast few days in Goma meeting with partner organizations for the Man Up Campaign. The complexities and messiness of the DRC, the reality of being there, created a kind of static for me, and I need some time to think. We know that the greatest beauty can sometimes be found among the most horrendous pain and suffering. In Goma I was moved by very young Congolese artists, musicians, filmmakers, dancers and painters, working to actively build peace and promote art and dynamic social change in their country. I spoke with women rebuilding themselves and their communitiies after brutal, brutal rape. I met health care professionals treating the sick and the wounded with passion and grace, all while pushing hard to learn more and improve their own skills. At most moments I simultaneously wanted to leave very quickly but also stay, stay, stay much longer to dig deeper, and do more. I will write more about it soon. For now, happy pictures of Joyce and Carla. I'm off to explore Kigali before another Man Up meeting. Love to you!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Aimee,
I just caught up on the blog...yes, Carla and Joyce look deeply happy with each other and themselves! Glad to see that happening, and to read about the results of "our" goats!

I'm amazed at all you're doing in such a short period of time. I may have told you this already, if so excuse, but I think you are not only doing amazing work, but you are a clear, expressive and vivid writer/storyteller - I hope someday you'll slow down long enough to write for publication.
Take care, and thanks for sharing! Love, Elise