Monday, December 25, 2006

Computers and Creativity

I have been considering creating this blog for some time now. In the midst of grad school, discovering others' blogs has become a new work-break, a guilty pleasure, and a great tool for procrastination. Craft blogs have become my very favorite. A creative day for me in the past has been paper and pens and glue spread willy-nilly across my living room floor, good music on the stereo. Now that I am in school, those days have become less available. I think it's funny and fabulous that two things that I have always found mutually exclusive - craft (in the more "traditional" sense, of course) and technology - have found a home together in the virtual world. More than a procrastination tool, the musings and art of these various women have inspired me to find the time for my own creative spirit -- something that often gets lost in the pages of my books. The beautiful work of Mav, Lisa, and Karin, (amongst many, many others) brightens my days. Over the course of this blog I will post links to share these newfound friends and their work, and hope that you will find bits of joy there, too.

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